I certainly enjoy and get excited when the federal government makes announcements around improvements in our economy, energy sources and potential spin-offs in employment, and ear-marking tens of thousands and millions of dollars towards these ambiguous improvements for our good. I hope these will pan out in my lifetime, but more importantly for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren’s future.

Much damage has been done to our environment, land and air, and as humans there is a reaction but I hope not too little, too late?

We have on-going research around the effects of global warming on our environment and the impacts on our animals on land and in the sea.

For too long, we took for granted that everything would be there for us now and in the future, but we are finding out that predation, harvesters, climate change and the increased activity of air traffic and industry are impacting the migration and feeding grounds of caribou and muskoxen. The continued warming temperatures have brought us the moose and various birds that we do not normally spot on the barren ground, including but not limited to the golden, bald and osprey eagle family, to mention a few.

Although we appreciate the assistance in environmental and energy re-vamping, let’s not overlook the dire situation in the Indigenous population around the lack of housing, food security and general health and well-being. The return of tuberculosis is a direct result of over-crowding and the tight habitation of small spaces for the extended family situations. This is happening right across Nunavut and in many other communities in rural Canada with our First Nations cousins.

I will repeat the significance of our need for more affordable housing, increased assistance in food security and close monitoring of our general health as we work towards building more units.

I firmly believe that we have the capacity to ensure Nunavummiut have all the basic human rights in their quest for lodging, food and clothing. We must continue to work together for a common cause, be creative and innovative, serving and providing for family and community.

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