Arsenic scare needs answers

May 31, 2018

When considering all the aspects of the massive and expensive Giant Mine Remediation Project, one concern stands head and shoulders above the rest – can people going about their daily routine inadvertently expose themselves to dangerous levels of arsenic? Read More

WHEN THE HEART SAYS NO: Dangers of plugged arteries

May 27, 2018

A few days ago, one of my two thousand cousins told me her dad was being sent to Edmonton because blood is not flowing properly to his heart. Whoa. To boot, another cousin recently had open heart surgery. This reminded me of when I had a heart procedure. Not a good memory, man. Read More

NEWS BRIEFS: Metis-Dene business fund expands

May 24, 2018

The NWT Metis-Dene Development Fund (MDDF), which has been funding small-to medium-sized businesses across the Northwest Territories for over 25 years, has expanded with the acquisition of GL Services, a Yellowknife-based accounting and financial consultation business. Read More

Day in the life of a daydream believer

May 24, 2018

It was a good daydream.

Towards the end of a real snoozer of a nearly half-hour press conference, I was thinking about lunch. More accurately, a late breakfast at my favourite local greasy spoon, the Gold Range Bistro. Read More

COLUMN: Chester teacher is a keeper

May 24, 2018

It is always difficult to write an opinion piece on the efforts or achievements of someone you know and respect, lest one gush, but in this particular case, I’ll make an exception.

And, if gush I must, then gush I shall. Read More

Healthy Hints: Dealing with annoyances

May 22, 2018

We all have things that we find annoying. When you’re in a rush at the grocery store and the person in front of you has a price check. When someone uses the last of the toilet paper and doesn’t replace the roll. When someone engages in an obnoxiously loud phone conversation on public transit. Read More

Iqaluit week in Cambridge Bay

May 21, 2018

Welcome to sunny Cambridge Bay. Read More

EDITORIAL: Paddling against the licensing current

May 19, 2018

Although a new draft policy for operator business licences in both the Nahanni and Naats’ihch’oh national park reserves is under development and will be ready for public review this summer, it comes too late for the benefit of one operator who is looking to open up shop in Nahanni. Read More

COLUMN: Community input a valuable commodity

May 17, 2018

It’s been quite refreshing to see Coun. Kelly Clark-Lindell soliciting community input as Rankin Inlet’s hamlet council moves cautiously and, hopefully, realistically forward on a new community centre. Read More

EDITORIAL: Northern mess must benefit Northerners

May 15, 2018

Mining in the North has been good for Canada. A rough estimate of the total value of metal and mineral production for the three territories since 1977 is over $18 billion, according to Indian Affairs and Northern Development. Read More

LETTER: Government is pushing cannabis legalization down our throats

May 13, 2018

Lawrence Norbert,
Justice Co-ordinator
Tsiigehtchic Justice Program

Dear editor,
I was present at the two proposed cannabis legalization consultation meetings here in Tsiighetchic and at no time did any of our residents ‘demand’ a local cannabis store, as indicated by Kam Lake MLA Kieron Testart in your May 7th story. Read More

WHEN THE HEART SAYS NO: Super Soccer was super

May 13, 2018

Last weekend I went to Super Soccer and on Sunday I watched the AA final for the U19 boys with my younger son, Cody. It was a bit weird, as I used to go watch Cody play and he is now an adult watching students play the sport that he loves so much. Read More

Treat your mom to a trade show

May 10, 2018

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. So to all the mothers out there, I hope you have a good day. We owe you all a debt of gratitude because without mothers none of us would be here. Read More

Hotel tax is long overdue

May 10, 2018

The mining business has been critical to Yellowknife’s rise over the years as gold, then diamonds, either directly or indirectly paved the streets and built the buildings. Read More

Legal weed a learning experience

May 8, 2018

I learned a new term this week.

Perhaps it’s one that has just eluded me, but until this week I wasn’t familiar with the definition of a “craft cannabis sector.” Read More

TAX BREAK: Tax penalties

May 6, 2018

At this time of the year, there are two types of taxpayers. Those who have filed their 2017 tax returns on time, and those who are late. The late group may be hit with a late-filing penalty of up to 50 per cent of taxes owing. Fortunately, there are no late-filing penalties if you late-filed your tax return with a refund because a late-filing penalties is calculated as a percent of taxes owing. Read More

A MOUNTAIN VIEW: Boine, Sami singer

May 6, 2018

Friends, the haunting voice of this Sami singer, Mari Boine, wafts its way gently over the mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico, during a recent cultural event I was lucky enough to be a part of, with the help of Francois Rossouw, of Yellowknife. Read More