Floating an idea of a floating capital

May 17, 2017
Columnist Walt Humphries has an idea to drive tourism to the North – a floating capital city. Instead of the capital headquartered in Yellowknife, the legislative assembly could be hoisted onto a barge and could float from community to community every year. Read on to find out why Humphries believes this is a win-win-win situation.
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Beware the unnamed source in news stories, warns Yellowknifer editor Randi Beers

May 15, 2017


photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
In this week’s Media Moments, Yellowknifer editor Randi Beers discusses unnamed sources. Sometimes, a publication will choose to protect the identity of a person in a story but must do so responsibly. Three years ago, Rolling Stone Magazine protected the identity of a woman who claimed she was violently sexually assaulted at the University of Virginia, above. The story has since been retracted and the magazine settled a libel lawsuit after it was revealed the woman was not honest.
May 2017
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Can journalists be activists?

May 8, 2017
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Yellowknifer columnist Walt Humphries has been a prominent activist in support of saving the Robertson Headframe. Not only did he dedicate columns to the cause, he attended city council meetings, filed a development appeal and led an entire campaign.

The answer is yes, no – well, it depends

Last week, former Toronto Star columnist Desmond Cole announced he’d been given an ultimatum.

Toronto Star says I can’t be a columnist and an activist at the same time, so I’m giving up my column,” he tweeted last Thursday morning.

He linked to a blog post, which went into the situation in greater detail. That week, Toronto Star’s editorial page editor, Andrew Phillips, took him aside to discuss an April 20 incident in which Cole refused to leave his chair after giving a deputation at a Toronto Police Services board meeting. Cole was there to speak against police carding.

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