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Tales from the dump: Time to enjoy being home and helping those who haven’t made it yet

It’s a day like no other.

It’s a day like no other.

It’s a day like no other.

In fact every day, is a day like no other, if you stop to think about it. So try to make the most of every day you have.

Some people will be back home enjoying the comforts of their own place, while some will still be in transit and it’s important to remember that, across Canada, some will still be in evacuation mode. They are still experiencing all the stress, strain and nervous waiting we have gone through. We should help them when we can and I hope something is set up to help all those in the territory who lost their homes or possessions because of the fires.

Now would be a good time to set up some sort of territory-wide relief and help organization. As I have pointed out in the past, a lot of perfectly good stuff gets thrown in the Yellowknife city dump that could help to replace what has been lost or that could help people in the communities. Why not tap into it as a resource?

Something else which came to mind involves communications and process. As most people already know, governments often aren’t good at communicating things. Thankfully, the various news organizations and even social media groups help translate ‘governmentese’ into language people understand.

Also, the way governments and big organizations often do things or set up procedures make sense to them, but they confuse, baffle and stress out the public. So they need some sort of stress monitor and evaluator, such as if we do A, how much stress will that cause as opposed to doing B or C?

Some people are very good at dealing with stress, others not so much and some people not at all. How do we factor that into the actions proposed? If you verbally pass on some information to, let’s say, 100 and then you ask them to repeat back to you what they heard, you are going to get a bunch of different answers. If you wait a few hours or a day, you would be surprised at how much informations gets, lost, distorted or changed. That is something to take into consideration.

Also just trying to remember those things is going to cause people varying degrees of stress. So my suggestion is the various levels of government need a stress reduction manager to help lower the stress their actions and announcements cause.

Time to enjoy being home and helping those who haven’t made it yet. Think about this: we have all made it through a historic event. We should be proud of that.