When is the National Inquiry of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women ever going to end? We have been bombarded for almost a year with this MMIW; a study is going to cost you Canadians at least $53.8 million?

We expected a lot of feedback from Canadians. The number one feedback came from Bill Wilson, a hereditary chief and the father of Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould. It was in the major newspapers and on the national TV news. He said called the inquiry, “a bloody farce.”

The Liberal government earmarked two years and $53.8 million for the study? Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended the process. He stated they trust the commissioners? There are five commissioners and it looks like they are fighting amongst themselves. They were all in Whitehorse a few days ago and this week; Smithers, B.C. as I am writing this. They are coming to Yellowknife in November, maybe.

We better get our act together in the Northwest Territories. If they, the Liberals, have millions to spend on a lost cause, they better look our way in the NWT and spend more money on food.

Where is NWT MP Michael McLeod? His argument should be to spend your surplus money on people who are trying to stay alive! We need that $53.8 million in the isolated regions in our two territories – to buy food. Our arguments should be that they cannot bring those missing and murdered Indigenous women back. And you cannot solve the problem of women and girls if they want to live their own lives.

It is a free world, to each, their own. It is very sad that some people end up in sad situations, but that is life. Spend that money on young women who are alive and struggling with jobs, education, raising their babies, housing, etc.

That study is two years! Boards are for the birds anyway! People create boards for this and that. They fly here and there, have meetings, rent hotels, meeting rooms, and charge meals. Most of the time, that the end of it. They don’t report on what the meeting was all about the majority of time.

But, it is fun to visit other regions and meet friends. So, this MMIW board will go on for two years or more with five commissioners running it. Bill Wilson said the commissioners have “failed miserably” and “should all resign.” The GNWT should instruct Michael McLeod to advise Trudeau to cancel that inquiry. Mr. Wilson called, “a bloody farce.” I agree with him.

We should get our MPs to do something about that by having the $53.8 million transferred to where it is needed most and dismantle the MMIW or we in the NWT will go public with Trudeau’s poor management. Is he trying to buy votes because in reality, you cannot bring the women back?

Oh well, enough about that for now. By the way, my friend took me to the garbage dump and she said someone had thrown out a moose head and the birds were having a good feed. It even had the tongue and the nose attached. Some Aboriginals were not happy about the waste. The natives eat almost every part of a moose, especially the tongue and the nose. Kill a moose and give the head to some Aboriginal person, OK? Mustn’t waste!

By the way, the musk oxen are getting plentiful around the Sahtu region. We have plenty of everything. All we need are the tourists. And an all-season road to bring us all together!

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