Dear premier,

I feel compelled to write to you again even though you didn’t respond to my letter last week. I am urging you to shut down so we can stop the recent spread of covid which added another 10 cases this week with six more probable.

My business is closed, my kids are home schooling and we are left in the dark as to the GNWT’s strategy to stop the spread.

A hard shut down is what is needed so we can return to normal life sooner. The wishy washy response from your government will only prolong the disruption.

Honestly it makes me quite angry that as a citizen, a parent and a business person you are not providing the leadership to guide us through this.

Instead we get advisory after advisory that people ignore. You should not be advising against non-essential travel, you should be banning it. You shouldn’t be advising that people stay home, you should be mandating it.

I urge you to find the strength to make the hard decisions you were elected to make and lead us through this perilous time in the most effective way possible even if it hurts in the short term.


Lisa Seagrave

Owner, Gallery of the Midnight Sun


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  1. I totally disagree with this opinion piece, especially since there is no evidence of community spread. COVID is here for the long term, therefore we must learn to live with it and cannot continue these incessant lockdowns. If people want to lock themselves in their own house, that is their choice. Isolating people that have contracted the disease is the way forward. What would be an interesting statistic is how many people required hospitalization due to the current outbreak in the NWT. My guess is ~0. Only if hospitals are over capacity should we be requiring drastic measures.

  2. While the government is weak and the senior leadership (including the premier) have no clue the spread is stopping. Parents should be the commended ones on following rules in stopping the spread. The OCPHO and GNWT didn’t do a thing considering their MLA has started this, and yet no repercussions.

  3. I totally disagree with this.
    There is no reason what so ever to shut anything down.

  4. Everyone is allowed an opinion. I totally disagree with the above.
    Using the GNWT’s own stats posted a few days ago on NNSL, approximately 60% of us have had both covid shots. There is no need to shut anything down and there was never any need to shut anything down. Further, I also don’t think there is a need for masking the way we have been mandated. Unless you want marshal law, you cannot stop anyone from travelling.

  5. well said, Premier Cochrane is not setting a good example and is a very poor leader and Premier. she has to be replaced with someone who is vocal and communicates with the NWT as they say they would!, empty promises is all she has shown along with her puppets Ministers