Winner: Freda Raddi

Tuktoyaktuk, NT.

“Every spring we travel about 30 miles south from town and camp on the land to do our annual spring ice fishing for Husky Lake trout, photo taken In Husky Lakes 35 km south of Tuktoyaktuk, NT.”

Honorable Mention: Chris Alexander

Yellowknife, NT.

“It was taken in Yellowknife, downtown area. A little back story behind the fox and raven, the fox had just stolen some scrap food from a group of ravens and they chased the fox away but only after it had eaten his meal”

Honorable Mention: Cody Steven Mantla

Behchoko, NT.

“During the March $100,000 Handgames Tournament in Behchoko. this photo speaks from what our ancestors once told us to teach our way an the white man way strong like 2 people pass teaching to our friends an family. I’m very blessed to snap this photo of our traditional music”

Honorable Mention: Matt Archer

Fort Resolution, NT.

“Here’s this weeks submission, it’s one of the first photo’s I was pleased with after coming up north. I’m lucky enough to get to travel for work, this was taken in Ft. Res June 2016 and I took this snap during a lunch break and a walk around the community

Honorable Mention: Danny Acton

Yellowknife, NT.

What I love about Yellowknife summer that’s coming around the corner is the old town vibe, the glow of the midnight sun and the sound of the mighty de havilland beaver. Old town life


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