The message is clear: social distancing is crucial at this time.

Groceries are essential though, so we’re focused on reducing contact where we can, to help our colleagues and you safe as you shop.

Here is what you’ll see.

Cash: We are limiting cash payment to customer service and one on other checkout lane. We ask that you pay with debit and credit where you can. We will not be offering cash-back at this time.

 Checkout lanes: We’re in the process of installing our plexi-glass dividers at the checkouts and pharmacy. We will be removing our belt dividers because if you are putting your groceries on the belt while another customer is going through the till, you are too close.

PC Express orders: We have waived the pick fee for all online orders. Please note that due to an increase in demand, your orders must be placed at least 48 hours in advance. We are currently reviewing our processes to improve this service, stay tuned for updates.

Lottery: Our lottery service is now closed until further notice. Please understand that this is not considered an essential service. Getting our customers their food is priority.

Bottle refills: This service is closed until further notice as is any self service area in the store. (Olives, soup station, bakery case, blood pressure machine, coupon board.)

No returns or exchanges: We ask that you buy what you need. Touch only what you are taking home.

Social distance: Please respect your fellow shoppers and our staff’s personal space and maintain 6 feet away distancing. This includes if you are waiting in line to enter the store. Please have only one member of your household shop if you can.

I know this is a lot to read. We thank you for understanding the measures that we have implemented at this time.