The Mary Beth Miller Biathlon Centre at the Yellowknife Ski Club was the site for the third series of Polar Cup races on April 2.

The majority of competitors hailed from the capital and several more were expected to make the trip in from Hay River but five of the seven that were scheduled to head up Highway 3 tested positive for Covid-19 and had to go into isolation.

Along with the biathletes, the event had some Olympic flair as Brendan Green and his partner, Rosanna Crawford — both three-time Winter Olympians — were in attendance to lend a hand with timing for the day.

Here are the results from both sets of races, individual and sprint:


Midget boys

1st —Davin Swallow (Hay River), 24:18.4

Senior snowshoe girls

1st — Maisey Murray (Yellowknife), 14:54.0

Senior boys

1st — Malachi Morin (Yellowknife), 38:13.3

Juvenile boys

1st — Toryn Wheler (Yellowknife), 19:23.6

2nd — Jordi Casas (Yellowknife), 22:51.9

3rd — Francis Cook (Hay River), 29:33.2

Juvenile girls

1st — Kate McShane (Yellowknife), 31:37.0

Junior boys

1st — Nikolas Hawkins, 37:26.7

Junior girls

1st — Neve Mahon (Yellowknife), 37:36.3

2nd — Leah McShane, 41:39.8


Novice juvenile boys

1st — Francis Cook, 22:11.6

Senior snowshoe girls

1st — Maisey Murray, 13:13.1

Senior boys

1st — Malachi Morin, 23:51.8

Juvenile girls

1st — Kate McShane, 30:12.9

Junior boys

1st — Nikolas Hawkins, 21:29.5

Junior girls

1st — Neve Mahon, 26:58.4

2nd — Leah McShane, 28:37.0

Juvenile boys

1st — Toryn Wheler, 18:53.1

2nd — Jordi Casas, 23:37.8

Midget boys

1st — Davin Swallow, 16:36.8

source: Zone 4

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