The 2016-2017 year of bowling leagues in Hay River wrapped up on April 29.

Ten-year-old Jacob Aylward receives the award as YBC Bowler of the Year in Hay River from coach Lillian Crook during a year-end event at Lizard’s Lounge & Lanes on April 29. – Paul Bickford/NNSL photo

In the afternoon, youth bowlers gathered at Lizard’s Lounge & Lanes to receive certificates for their participation in the Youth Bowling Canada (YBC) program.

“With our little YBC program, they all get an award,” said YBC coach Lillian Crook. “So they get a certificate and on their certificate they have their accomplishments – their high average, their high game and all the things they participated in during the year. So every child will get an award and they’ll get little badges.”

There was also a special competition to determine the YBC Bowler of the Year.

Crook explained that six young people bowled 100 pins over their average, which is a big accomplishment, and three of them attending the awards event bowled one more game. The one with the highest pins over average was named the YBC Bowler of the Year.

That winner was 10-year-old Jacob Aylward.

Jacob said he had lots of fun and enjoyed bowling during the year.

As for what he enjoyed the most, he said, “Getting strikes mostly.”

On May 6 to 8, Jacob will be heading to bantam boys’ national competitions in Quebec.

Crook said children as young as four years old can bowl as long as they can hold a ball with two hands and roll it to the other end of the lane.

“If they can’t do that, then they have to wait another year,” she said. “So we have quite a few that are quite little. They love bowling. They have a great time.”

For the bowling year just ended, there were 48 youth registered.

“That was good,” Crook said of the numbers. “Last year, I think we had 32 and then the year before I think there was only like 16. So it’s been growing. Our YBC program has really been growing.”

In the adult leagues – for those 20 years of age and over – there were about 70 bowlers registered for leagues on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings.

“It’s been a real success,” said Crook, who also coaches adult bowlers. “It’s been really good, actually.”

Among the adult bowlers recognized were the seven who rolled 300 games – Glen Wallington (320), Kevin Wallington (317), J.J. McKinny (315), Carey Broadhead (303), Glen Smith (302) and Phil Cyr (301).

The leagues began in September and ran to April.

Paul Bickford

Paul Bickford is the reporter for Hay River Hub.