The Hay River Golf Club has retained most of its executive leadership for the coming year.

At the club’s annual general meeting on Feb. 14, three-quarters of the previous executive agreed to stay on.

Mike King – pictured here playing in a tournament in 2017 – has been returned as vice-president of the Hay River Golf Club for the coming year. NNSL file photo

Jack Rowe is still president, Mike King remains vice-president and R.J. West-Pratt continues on as secretary.

The only change in the executive was at treasurer.

“The former treasurer has stepped down and was replaced by Michael Auge,” said King, noting the previous treasurer had upcoming work commitments and travel.

Along with Auge who is new to the board of directors, there are four other new directors – Ryan McNeil, Dave McQuinn, Terry Rowe and Debbie Hirst.

Robert Bouchard and Jay Planidin returned to the board.

King noted there were no actual elections at the AGM, just nominations and acceptance to various positions.

A number of issues were discussed by the approximately 16 people at the AGM.

One issue is the need for repairs at the club, including to the roof and to a washroom.

King noted the club’s equipment is also getting old, and work is needed on generating funds to replace or maintain it.

The club is also pursuing funding initiatives to restore the facilities, and provide for course improvements.

One related issue is the need to clarify which organization is responsible for what at the golf course.

It is owned by the Town of Hay River, but the Hay River Elks Club was involved in its creation while it is now operated by the Hay River Golf Club.

“And there’s been issues with who owns what and who can do what,” said King. “And we were getting agreements to clarify everyone’s role in that facility.”

According to the club’s Facebook page, a review of the relationship between the Town of Hay River and the Hay River Golf Club is ongoing and a “clearer definition” of roles and responsibilities is emerging, along with an improved working relationship.

Another topic discussed at the AGM was the impact of Covid-19 restrictions.

“Until very late in the season, we weren’t allowed to open our clubhouse,” said King. “So we operated with very minimal staff.”

There were also financial impacts from not having cart rentals or club rentals.

As for this coming summer, King said anything that will happen at the club is going to be influenced by public health regulations.

“That being said, though, we are in a better place to start the year, meaning we have a lot of the procedures and facilities in place ready to go at the very start rather than kind of flying by the seat of our pants through the year and trying to make things work,” said the club’s vice-president.

Paul Bickford

Paul Bickford is the reporter for Hay River Hub.

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