It was so successful last year that it’s returned for a second season.

Shaun Morris is back with Moose’s Golf Garage, a small business he started in 2022 to provide golf club repair to the masses in Yellowknife or whoever from wherever comes with clubs which need to be fixed.

Morris said the response was so good last year that re-opening the seasonal business just made sense.

“It’s a way for me to fill the void with a hobby of mine and it’s a busy golf season,” he said.

It’s just like any other basic club-repair business in that Morris will re-grip golf clubs or even try to save them, if that can be done. He can shorten clubs, extend clubs, replace a club’s shaft and re-glue a club head or driver adapter.

“The heads come loose from time to time and the epoxy breaks down,” said Morris.

Most of the business so far this season has been on the re-gripping side with the odd shaft replacement.

Morris said golfers sometimes have club misadventures while out on the golf course.

“You get golfers who sometimes wrap a club around a tree now and then and that means it has to be fixed,” he said.

There has been a lot of repeat business this season, he added, but there have been some new customers.

“Word of mouth is always big,” he said. “A lot of repeat customers will do anything to try and tinker with their clubs and it really wouldn’t be a golf season without buying new equipment or fixing it.”

Morris made sure he was ready for this season by ordering plenty of inventory — he ran out last season and had to place a mid-season order to fulfill requests.

“I bought extra just in case,” he said.

Most of the revenue Morris takes in goes right back into his business, but it also provides a bit of a buffer for his golf habit. He is president of the Yellowknife Golf Club and when he isn’t working, there’s a very good chance you’ll see him out playing at least nine holes on a regular basis.

“It is a business, so I like to put a bit into my pocket to help support my golfing,” he said.

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