Emotions always run high when it comes to championship games and that was no different on Sunday afternoon at the Fieldhouse.

The U19AA boys final between Sir John Franklin and St. Pat’s was a highly-charged affair, as most games between the two schools tend to be, and tempers came to a head during the second half when two opposing players made contact on the field.

In front of stands full of spectators and supporters for both teams, a coach from Sir John Franklin came off the bench and charged toward one of the match referees.

The coach had to be held back by people there, causing a huge commotion on the field. Cooler heads eventually prevailed and order was restored, allowing the game to finish. St. Pat’s Irish won 3-2 in the final minutes of the game.

When contacted by Yellowknifer, tournament organizer Tobi Taylor-Dusome said she had no comment about what happened.

Dean MacInnis, Sir John Franklin’s principal, didn’t want to comment at the time, only to say he was waiting to hear if NWT Soccer was going to get involved.

Ollie Williams, president of NWT Soccer, wasn’t at the game as he was attending the Canada Soccer annual general meeting in Whistler, B.C.. He said he didn’t want to comment as he neither saw nor heard about what had happened.

James McCarthy

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