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One Covid-19 case confirmed in YK: CPHO


An individual in Yellowknife has tested positive for Covid-19.

The case is connected to domestic travel outside of the NWT, said chief public health officer Dr. Kami Kandola in a news release Thursday.

The individual immediately self-isolated and is currently doing well, she said.

An investigation by public health has identified potential public exposure to the virus during the flight to Yellowknife.

Passengers who were on Westjet flight 3359 from Calgary on Feb. 8 and sitting in rows two to 15 have been contacted.

Only the passengers sitting in those rows might be considered to have an exposure risk. No one else on the airplane is at risk of exposure.

People who were sitting in those rows and who have not been contacted should take the following measures:

  • continue to self-isolate at home for 14 days after arrival in Yellowknife.

  • other members of the household must also self-isolate if the person is not in a self-contained unit.
  • contact the local health centre or public health unit to arrange for Covid-19 testing.

Maintain vigilance

"We are now regularly seeing new cases of COVID-19 in the NWT," Kandola said. "So far, they have been contained because people are taking the right steps to keep communities safe."

She reminded the public to have no more than five people over in homes if they don't live with them, meet with no more than 25 people for organized indoor public gatherings, no more than 50 outside and keep physical distance of at least two metres.