The polls have closed, the liquor stores have reopened, and Yellowknifers are awaiting the results of the 2018 municipal election.

Supporters have been trickling in slowly to the crimson-lit Twist and Shout night club, where mayoral hopeful Adrian Bell is hosting his election night soiree.

Bell, who has been up and at it since 5 a.m., was feeling good, or at least so he said, as he sat down at the media table, tucked into a corner of the bar, for an interview with Cabin Radio’s Ollie Williams.

“This is it, there’s nothing more that can be done,” Bell told the table.

About a dozen supporters were in the house just after 8:30, including council candidate Stacie Smith.

Rommel Silverio has also said he will attend Bell’s event.

Both Bell and Smith have said they are nervous but hopeful as they await results.

Candidate for council Terry Testart ambled in at around 8:45 p.m., just as the first unofficial results were posted to the city’s website, showing mayoral candidate in the lead, with 428 votes to Bell’s 270.

Mayoral candidates Jerald Sibbeston and Bob Stewart each had 11 votes with a total of 720 votes having been posted online.

By 9 p.m. Alty was pulling further ahead with 1556 votes. Bell had 922, Sibbeston 48 and Stewart 36 with a total of 2571 votes cast.

Bell was quiet and his eyes were fixed to his phone as a live broadcast from Cabin Radio aired the results across the somewhat sombre Twist bar.

MLA and former city councillor Corey Vanthuyne appeared as a server handed out plates of nachos, courtesy of Bell.

At 9:09 p.m. Alty was leading by 664 votes with 1711 ballots in her favour compared to Bell’s 1047.

Sibbeston was pulling in 56 votes and Stewart 48.

Results polling stations at Northern United Place, Range Lake North School and N.J. Macpherson have yet to be posted.

Sibbeston, who ran as the “anti-corruption” candidate, said he would celebrate the results with a beer at The Raven Pub “no matter what.”

At 9:17 Alty was pulling a strong lead with 2024 votes to Bell’s 1277. Sibbeston had 62 and Stewart 61 with a total of 3424 votes counted.

A total of 5959 people cast ballots in the last election.

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