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New tax law will slice into elected officials’ income

June 14, 2018 - Yellowknife

In just seven months, the city of Yellowknife’s elected officials will see new CRA rules eliminate a one-third tax exemption on their salaries.

The City of Yellowknife is aware it will have to put any potential wage adjustment before councillors, said Kerry Penney, director of policy, communications and economic development.

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Yellowknifer Catch of the Week contest

June 12, 2018 - Yellowknife

Got a fantastic fishing photo? Send it to Yellowknifer at for a chance at a fishing trip with Fishin’ Technician Mike W. Bryant. Second and third place get a $150 and $100 gift certificate respectively from Canadian Tire. We just need your name, location of your catch and size of the fish.  

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Indigenous scholars weigh in on Aurora College foundational review

June 7, 2018

When the results from the Aurora College Foundational Review were released last week some Northern scholars were surprised to read findings from ECE which stated the need for a “revolutionary approach” in post-secondary education.

For a decade, Dechinta Bush University has stationed itself in the North with the mission of providing quality education for Northern students.

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High schooler helps grieving families of stillborn babies

June 7, 2018

Lauren Seabrook, 17, is taking her family’s traumatic experience and turning it into a way for grieving parents to get closure.

In 2003, Lauren’s parents Meredith and Jeff Seabrook experienced one of the most horrific events that a couple can go through when they were forced to say goodbye to their son Mason less than 24 hours after birth.

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Discussion paper suggests reserving seats to increase representation of women in the legislative assembly

June 6, 2018 - Yellowknife

The NWT legislature has the lowest representation of women out of the country’s 15 parliaments, states a recently tabled discussion paper, which suggests filling the female leadership void by adopting a system used in Samoa.

“It’s working well for them,” said Speaker Jackson Lafferty. “That’s one of the options we want to consider going forward.”

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