An up-scale product is taking over the Yellowknife food market.

The Aurora & Inukshuks olive oil company, created by Mark Bach is aimed toward people who enjoy the flavour of assorted olive oils.

The inspiration came from Bach’s daughters, who at the time were working in Kelowna B.C. The entrepreneurs were enamored by the product to the point where they believed their should be a market for it in Yellowknife.

Michael Hugall/ NNSL PHOTO
Mark Bach, the owner of Aurora & Inukshuks Olive Oil Co. showcases his product at the first ever olive oil tasting on Monday.
(November 13 , 2017)

“It’s been steady,” he said. “The business is growing every week, we like the people of Yellowknife and we think it belongs here.”

Olives, much like grapes for making wine, must be picked at the perfect time. There are different olives meant for different seasons, Bach adds there are also documented health benefits for the product.

“Doctors tell us to take one spoonful of olive oil a day,” he said. “ Olive oil may prevent strokes and can be used to help obesity and diabetics.”

The Aurora & Inukshuks Olive oil company held a tasting on Monday to further expand their audience. The company offered different flavours from maple balsamic to blood orange olive oil. Mark said there is no flavour that is off-limits to the company.

The crowd of people who were at the tasting seemed to enjoy the product.

“I tried the garlic infused oil and paired it with the fig vinegar,” said olive oil enthusiast Alison Whitehead. “I haven’t seen as good of a selection, and to have a testing like this it’s great to try new flavours.”

Bach works out of a small centre in old-town on MacDonald Drive He has one employee and they hand-bottle all the olive oil in store.

The Aurora and Inukshuks store is one of two in Canada. Bach also operates a store in Kelowna. Stacey Stabel has been to both stores and said she and her daughter enjoy the taste.

“We tried the Lime and Coconut and Maple-balsamic vinegar … now my daughter won’t stop eating bread and oil.”

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