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Amazing Race Canada calls on the North


With memorable stops in Yellowknife, the North has often played a supporting role in the televised cross-country scavenger hunt that is the Amazing Race Canada. But now, producers of the popular reality program say Northerners themselves are ready for their – first-ever – close-up.

"We've never had a team from the North before. We've had, I think, from as North as Edmonton. So, we're hoping that maybe we could find a team from one of the territories even," said Mike Bickerton, director and producer of the Amazing Race Canada.

As the popular U.S. spin-off enters the production stage of its sixth season, Bickerton is making an eleventh-hour push to pitch to intrepid, would-be cast members ahead a team submission deadline on Nov. 29.

Photo sourced from Twitter/@amazingracecanada

The show's inaugural season saw cross-country trekkers visit the territory's capital, and season four kicked off at Frame Lake.

While several NWT cast hopefuls have come close to joining the race over the years, Bickerton said none have made it on. But for the upcoming season, he said he hopes the presence of a Northern team will showcase the often overlooked treasures of the region – and its people.

"Being able to have participants from one of the territories on the show ... to see them do these challenges and hear their interpretations of these places we visit – that is something unique and interesting to add to the show," Bickerton said.

"I think the greatest thing about a show like Amazing Race Canada is that it brings all these landscapes, locations and stories from all over the country into people's living rooms."

As for the destinations – and prizes – featured in the upcoming season, Bickerton remained tight lipped as to what a first-ever Northern team could run in to.

The show, set to air its new season this summer, is hosted by Jon Montgomery, best known for his gold medal skeleton win at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Adventurous Northerners only have until midnight Wednesday, Nov. 29 to throw their toques into the right for consideration.