Parents of some YK 1 school students have a choice to make.

The school board released its final accommodation plan for the students that will be displaced by construction at École JH Sissons School.

Demolition of the school is scheduled for the summer of 2020 and construction is expected to last two years.

The plan, which goes into effect next fall at the outset of the 2020-2021 school year, will see all current École J.H Sissons students housed at École William McDonald Middle School (with portables) for the duration of construction, meaning it will be a JK-7 school during this time.

All École William McDonald Middle School Grade 8 students will move to École Sir John Franklin High School for the duration of construction, according to the board. Range Lake North School and Mildred Hall School Grade 8 students will remain at their respective schools.

Parents of École William McDonald Middle School Grade 8 students will also have the choice to send their children to either Range Lake North School or Mildred Hall School instead.

This plan is based on both current and projected enrollment figures at each YK1 school.

The board stated in a news release Wednesday that counselling services would be available to parents and children.

“We understand that some families are concerned their children will be attending separate schools over the transition to a new school,” a letter to parents circulated to media outlets states. “To that end, we will have counselling services available for both parents and students.

“We believe we’ve come up with the best option, given your feedback, classroom sizes, enrolments and program commitments. The attached version is the best approach we have right now with the information available to us. If there are any further necessary changes, we will inform you as far in advance as possible.”

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