No serious injuries were reported after a bus travelling from Hay River to Yellowknife slid off the Ingraham Trail on March 24.

The bus was returning from the closing ceremonies of the Arctic Winter Games and was carrying Greenlandic athletes who were heading to the airport for a flight home when the incident occurred at around 11 p.m., said Fort Smith resident Sarah Pruys, who was a passenger on the bus.

A coach bus carrying members of the Greenland Arctic Winter Games team slid off the road and into a ditch on Saturday night. There were no serious injuries.
photo courtesy : Sarah Pruys

Pruys said she was sitting a few rows from the front of the bus when it started to tip.

“We were only 15-20 minutes outside of Yellowknife when I felt a bit of a jolt,” she said. “I was very aware of what was happening, we were going into the ditch. It felt like the accident was happening in slow motion.”

Pruys said the bus came to a halt a few metres from the road.

“We were so far in the snow that the driver could not open the door for us to get out,” she said. “One person had a bruised finger another girl on the bus was crying but we managed to open a window and all climb out.”

The passengers boarded a second bus that was travelling close behind them, said Pruys, and continued on their way to Yellowknife.

RCMP arrived on the scene around midnight, she said.

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