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Lone goose arrives early in Yellowknife

The lone goose that sparked conversation in Yellowknife. Photo by Tony Whitford


The lone goose that sparked conversation in Yellowknife. photo courtesy of Tony Whitford


A lonesome goose has been causing a stir in Yellowknife.

Many residents have reported seeing the bird in recent weeks, including former NWT commissioner Tony Whitford, who said he first saw it in front of the Multiplex on April 1.

"I'm driving to Kam Lake yesterday morning and I see something that looks like a goose," he said."When I'm on the highway to Behchoko and I see the geese on the little sloughs, I know spring is here."

Canada geese are known for their seasonal migrations. They usually show up in Yellowknife around late April, explained Eric Reed, a biologist with the Canadian Wildlife Service.

Reed acknowledged that this goose has arrived a little sooner than usual but said, “We shouldn't make too much out of one goose showing up early.”

“Presumably if it’s still here, it’s been able to find food and shelter from predators,” he added.

Local residents have been taking to social media to talk about the lone goose, leading to the  tentative name of ‘Harold’ or ‘Haroldette’ provided by Élise Auld, a local nine year old intrigued by the appearance.