by Aaron La Borde

People over the age of 65 are at greater risk of falls.

There are some simple things people can do to help themselves stay steady on their feet. One thing to consider is proper footwear. What not to wear: loose, backless slippers, slip-on shoes and flip-flops, shoes with worn soles and shoes with heels higher than one inch. What is good to wear: proper-fitting shoes with high backs for good ankle support, a hard slip-resistant sole. Sneakers are good. They may not look great but they can reduce the chances of falling.


Cannabis pills

With the legalization of cannabis many manufacturers are trying to develop products that take advantage of the drugs medicinal properties. They’re working on drugs that can be taken orally and contain cannabinoids, which are the active ingredients that give the cannabis plant its medical and recreational effects. You will hear more about these products as time goes on.


120 years of radiation therapy

Radiation was first used in cancer treatment over 120 years ago when a German surgeon noticed that X-rays slowed the growth of tumours. This was only a few year after X-rays were discovered in 1895. Methods were rather crude in those days but they have developed into a mainstay of cancer treatment today.


Emojis for your health

Emojis are those little images found on smartphones used to indicate emotions without words. Some hospitals are using emoji boards in pediatric wards so young patients can more easily indicate how they are feeling. The children love it since they can just stick an emoji on the board to tell the nursing staff how they are feeling. It works well.

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