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Car crashes into uptown Reddi-Mart

A gold Chevrolet SUV slammed into the side of the uptown Reddi-Mart on Friday afternoon.

A vehicle smashed into the side of the uptown Reddi-Mart Friday afternoon.
Photo Courtesy of Mathew Craig

"I was eating ice cream outside of Reddi Mart and saw the vehicle speed up and hop the parking barrier and slam into the building," said Mathew Craig, who watched the event unfold. "The air bags went off and the front end was smashed."

According to an eyewitnesses to the event, the driver of the vehicle pulled into the store's parking lot shortly after 3:30 and then proceeded to accelerate over a cement block and into the side of the building. Witnesses estimated that the car was  traveling at close to 60 km/h when it made contact. The driver of the vehicle was able to walk out of the vehicle with assistance and was put into an ambulance.

Ambulance and RCMP responded to the scene.