The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) is investigating a chemical spill at Boston Pizza. According to Richard McIntosh, spokesperson for the city, approximately 90 litres of glycol – a chemical used in antifreeze – spilled on Tuesday evening.

He added it was caused by a rupture in the in-floor heating line while maintenance was being done inside the building.

The city responded with two fire trucks a hazardous materials team, municipal enforcement officers and an ambulance. The spill forced the closure of 48 Street between 51 and 52 Avenues for more than an hour.

According to McIntosh, ENR officials were already on scene when firefighters arrived. The restaurant has been closed for more than a week while renovations are being carried out.

According to an NT-NU Spill Report, a database run by territorial and federal governments, any hazard to the public, property and environment is negligible. The report indicates the work was being done by Apex Contracting of Sherwood Park, Alta. The report does not indicate how the rupture happened.

“Water and glycol were flowing from spill site at Boston Pizza down 48 Street to the 52 Avenue storm drain,” stated that report. “(A) berm was positioned in the gutter to slow the flow of glycol and Hazmat response was contacted.”


The report goes on to stated employees of Apex Contracting assisted with mopping up glycol from gutter the gutter, once they had the OK to do so. Officials with the hazardous materials team used absorbent material to stem the flow to the storm drain.

The report goes on to state city workers used a vac truck to empty the vault in the storm drain and washed the gutters on 48 Street with water and used the vac truck to pick up residuals. The cleanup was monitored by ENR and is now considered complete. There were no injuries.