City security cameras ‘likely’ used to ogle women, investigator concludes

by Mike Bryant - August 28, 2018

An investigator hired by the City of Yellowknife to examine allegations of workplace misconduct by municipal enforcement manager Doug Gillard has concluded it was “more likely than not” that city security cameras were used to ogle women in and around 2014. A brief, unsigned letter on the city website states that while the allegations about…

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One response to “City security cameras ‘likely’ used to ogle women, investigator concludes”

  1. How can the City Administration from the Mayor on down to the Councillors, SAO etc, tolerate the Manager of the MED to remain employed by the City for whom us tax payers are ultimately paying for and employing? Every person who was or may have been surreptitiously ogled and their spouse, significant other, parent among others ought to be outraged and demanding action up to and including dismissal.