Hello friends.

Today is the last day (and night) of the 23rd annual Snowking’s Winter Festival. And what a month it’s been eh?

I can’t count how many hugs and high fives I’ve received from folks under four feet tall.

The snow maze is short enough for parents to keep a watchful eye, yet short enough to allow kids to experience the thrill of being lost in a frosty world. The annual festival winds up tonight. NNSL file photo

But I’ve also been thanked by parents and grandparents, every one of them with big smiles.

Truthfully, I’ve felt the love.

Winter is almost over and we celebrated the coming of spring at the Long John Jamboree. But the Snow Castle is all about Winter. You may remember the lyrics to that great song, “I get so happy, happy, happy when the weather gets cold-snappy, I get a wondrous thrill from a frosty winter chill.”

Cold temperatures in November and December give us that wonderful ice and snow, our building materials. While some might think that we build the castle as a venue for Snowking’s Winter Festival in March, many on our crew see the festival as necessary only to finance the build in January and February. Working outside every day for those two months is the best way to fully appreciate winter! Okay, warmer days are pleasant in their way, but sun is the castle’s enemy turning crisp snow into mushy snow, and making clear sparkling ice turn cloudy. Fortunately we got some cold temperatures again to get us through the last few weeks!

Snowking Anthony Foliot declaring the castle open and the Winter Festival begun on March 3. The festival wraps up tonight. NNSL file photo

Loving the cold as we do, global warming is an enemy. I’d like to take a moment to brag up the fact that by using compostable cups, lids, bowls, spoons, and napkins at our Snack Shack and recycling as much as we can, we were able to limit the amount of trash that the festival generated to less than one small dumpster.

Most of that garbage was stuff that visitors brought in with them. Got to love that reusable thermos mug!

So here’s a big thank you to all of our team, sponsors and citizen’s of the Snowking’s realm.

Spring is on the way, and we know we’ll enjoy the coming warmer interlude. But never fear, next winter will be here before we know it!

See you next year,

Love, Snowking.

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