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Dene support day school settlement

Norman Yakeleya is National Chief of the Dene Nation.

Norman Yakeleya, national Chief of the Dene Nation, is showing his support for the day school settlement process after attending a three-day hearing in Winnipeg, Man.

"We support the certification of the class action lawsuit and proposed settlement," stated Yakeleya in a May 17 news release.

The day school settlement is to get compensation for students who were abused at the Indian Day Schools.

Roughly 140,000 individuals attended these schools. If approved, the federal government will make $1.4 billion available for "level one" abuse and an unlimited amount made available.

Claimants will have one year to file an application.

“We hope the settlement will help bring justice to those impacted by wrongs and injustices suffered,” stated Yakeleya.

The day school class action, or the McLean class action, was first launched in 2007.