Beau Desire-Tesar was sentenced Friday to 18 months in jail for theft of firearms, jewelry and other valuable goods from a Yellowknife home on Thanksgiving weekend 2018.

While at a house party in October of that year, Desire-Tesar learned there were items of significant value at the residence and once the homeowner went to sleep, he stole a number of gun safes not knowing what was inside. 

Beau Desire-Tesar was sentenced Friday to 18 months in jail for stealing gun safes with firearms and other valuables from the Yellowknife residence in 2018.
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After leaving the residence Desire-Tesar discovered that he had stolen nine firearms along with scopes, ammunition and magazines, in addition to various pieces of jewelry and outdoor gear. In total, the items are valued at $50,000. Six of the nine firearms have been recovered since the theft.  

The court heard that Desire-Tesar had been introduced to recreational drug use at a young age, and was “engaging in criminal lifestyle to support his use of criminal substances.” After his arrest, he was sent to Edgewood Treatment centre in Nanaimo, B.C. Now he hopes to pursue a career in addictions counselling after serving his sentence. 

In delivering his sentence, judge Donovan Molloy said that the court often hears from people who, as a result of their crimes, are trying to “turn over a new leaf.” 

“He’s actually gone out and done the things people say they are going to do,” Molloy said of Desire-Tesar. “I give him significant credit for that. It’s not an easy program.”

He told the offender that he hopes he follows through with his counselling ambitions as he is “in a better position than many to understand the impacts of addiction.”

“Maybe you can spare others from the same trap,” Molloy told Desire-Tesar.

Molloy noted that the offender is “still a young man,” though he already has two prior convictions for theft and one drug trafficking conviction from 2015. Desire-Tesar served 18 months for the trafficking conviction and was still on a probation with a mandatory weapon prohibition at the time of the 2018 crime.  

Molloy said he found it aggravating that Desire-Tesar took advantage of the homeowners’ display of hospitality by robbing them. 

“But I appreciate, like most drug addicts, moral obligation goes out the window and the need to satisfy addiction prevails over other thoughts,” the judge said.

After his 18 month sentence, Desire-Tesar will be on probation for two years. During that time he will be obligated attend counselling as directed by his probation officer and abstain from consumption of any intoxicating substances. He is also ordered to pay $8,118.85 in restitution.  

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