One of the NWT’s most popular musical acts released their latest single in preparation for an upcoming album launch.

Yellowstone is the title of both Digawolf’s latest single and upcoming album. Set to be launched in February, the album will be Digawolf’s fourth studio and while the previous three netted the band numerous awards and nominations, that didn’t stop them from trying a different approach.

Yellowstone is Digawolf’s newest album, the album’s title track was release this Thursday. Photo courtesy of Jess Reid

Jesse James Diga, the band’s front-man, traveled to Europe to work with a team of producers.

“It was quite an interesting experience. The whole project was sort of a collaboration slash spontaneous studio recordings. I would show up with my poetry book and we sit in a studio or in the barn really and we just pressed record and saw whats up,” said Diga. “It’s different like in the past when I started recording I would have all the parts of the song written, I would have pretty much all the songs produced in my head.”

The album was produced over thirty days in a barn in Northern Denmark. Diga said the producers actually told him to come with no source material, but being a self-proclaimed control freak in terms of his music, Diga said he worked off of old poetry he had written. He says the album is a mixture of poetry, previously half-written verses and previously produced music.

“It’s a lot of poetry that I just brought, a whole stack of poetry written on napkins or on a piece of paper, I have a stack of them. But yea I showed up there and having to put trust into things would go well and sure enough things started and moved forward right away within the first day,” said Diga.

Diga said he learned a lot of lessons by trying a new approach that he hopes to take with him moving forward. The album’s title track was released Thursday morning and can be heard on a number of streaming services already.

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