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Disabilities Council to host online-only 50/50 draw

Denise Mckee, the NWT Disabilities Council's executive director. NNSL file photo.

The NWT Disabilities Council event will be hosting an online only 50/50 draw fundraiser to help raise money for their goal of $25,000 in lieu of their annual Haunted Hootenanny.

Haunted Hootenanny this year was cancelled this due to Covid-19 restrictions in place.

The winner takes half of the money raised during the draw and tickets will be on sale until Oct. 29. The draw will be taking place the next day on Oct 30.

The 50/50 raffle was set up to help offset two major fundraisers the NWT Disabilities Council usually has each year.

They operate a number of local services some of which are deemed essential.

“The NWT Disabilities Council homeless shelter services are deemed essential services and we have incurred additional costs in order to stay operational, without additional funding,” said Denise McKee, executive director for the NWT Disabilities Council.

“As well, our in person supports such as early childhood intervention, have required innovative new approaches to ensure we can continue to deliver services to this vulnerable population. This has required the rental of a new space to allow us to retain oversight of precautionary measures.”

These are just a few examples of additional costs the non-profit NGO has incurred and McKee said they struggle to meet them in a sustainable way.

Tickets for the 50/50 raffle can be found at, and more information about the Council itself be seen at their website at

Tickets will cost one for $5, three tickets for $10, eight for $20 and 20 for $50, to enter the draw you must be a resident of the Northwest Territories.