A Yellowknife business is looking to spark a new gold rush in the city. Jake Olson, owner of YK Gold and Silver, started his business in 2015 as a simple jewelry exchange, where people can sell items made of gold and silver.

Jake Olson, owner of YK Gold and Silver, shows off a bottle of his Aurora Gold maple syrup. The popular item is one of several products which Olson is trying to use to market Yellowknife’s gold mining history. Cody Punter/NNSL photo

But it didn’t take long for him to see the marketing potential of gold as an homage to Yellowknife’s mining heritage. His newest product – edible gold – may seem out of place on a plate but it’s already proving to be popular with customers.

“There’s just a weird human fascination with gold,” said Olson. “It’s been intrinsic and essential to money for thousands of years.”

Subscribers can read Cody Punter’s full story in the Dec. 11 edition of Yellowknifer by clicking the thumbnail below.

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