Jim Lynn says he went to his son’s grave on June 16 and found the site desecrated, he said. He hopes those responsible will come forward.
Brett McGarry/NNSL photo

The gravesite of a Dettah man has been desecrated, says his father.

Jim Lynn, father of Mark Lynn, went to visit his son’s grave on June 16 and discovered wreaths and candles had been knocked over. Some had been destroyed.

Lynn said he has spoken with the RCMP about the incident.

Police confirmed they did receive a complaint and investigated. Yellowknife RCMP communications officer Julie Plourde stated the investigation is now closed and “no criminal elements were linked to the incident.”

Flowers, wreaths and candles were destroyed at the Dettah gravesite. RCMP say “no criminal elements were linked to the incident.”
Brett McGarry/NNSL photo

In a recent post to YK Trader, Lynn stated that he hoped those responsible would come forward. He promised not to press charges and even offered to arrange counselling for the alleged perpetrators.

“It was clearly someone that was mad that Mark has left this world,” said Lynn.

Lynn, a pastoral leader of the Dettah Catholic Church, said he was disappointed that this happened to his son’s grave.

He suggested the people who desecrated the site had known his son and may have been partying with him on the night of his death.

“It’s likely these people are hurting about being left and haven’t been able to move on,” said Lynn. “I pray that they get the help and support that they need.”

Jim Lynn says vandals have desecrated his son’s gravesite. 
Brett McGarry/NNSL photo

Lynn also said he found several empty beer cans near the entrance to the graveyard and at the gravesite. He suspects they are related to the vandalism.

Mark Lynn died in the summer of 2016 after going missing in Dettah.

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