So before too much snow hits the ground, some unfinished business.

Princess Arizona of Gregory, age 4, as this year’s overall winner of the Canadian Tire Catch of the Week contest, found some time to grace me with her presence a while back for a day’s adventure on Prosperous Lake. Joining me was her daddy Ryan and official awards adjudicator, Alexie Bryant, the Duchess of Squishy Pets.

It was a fine day for boating, and sadly, a rather rare one. The boat engine on my pleasure craft, the S.S. Jumpin’ Cisco, suffered a mysterious illness that lasted most of the summer. And as we all know, it was a short one at that.

In the words of one well-known boat dealer in town, it was the kind of ailment only a B.O.A.T. can fix – that is, “break out another thousand,” which I did more than once.

Fortunately, it was all set to go for Princess Arizona’s big party, and good thing too because so were the whitefish, which apparently, just like Arizona, like the colour pink.

Alexie Bryant, the Duchess of Squishy Pets, and Arizona of Gregory, winner 2018 annual Yellowknifer Catch of Week contest, shows off their mighty catch of sparkly whitefish while on a journey to Prosperous Lake earlier this month. The whitefish was caught using a magic, pink wire jewel bug. Mike W. Bryant/NNSL photo.

Pink lifejacket, pink sunglasses, the princess said, explaining her strategy for the afternoon.

“Because my hat is pink too,” she shrieked, while calling for the net, which she handled with great success.

Big fish, small fish, sparkly fish – they all wanted the magic, pink wire jewel bug her daddy Ryan had procured on this last warm day before the winter winds of McNiven came blowing in.

The princess, I’m told, began fishing before she was even born. To win the contest she had to conquer the Beast of Fartknocker out on the Great Slave. She and her award-winning catch originally appeared in the July 13 of Yellowknifer.

“Daddy helped me fish,” she explained, as we rode on top silver waters in search of grand fishies deep.

Anyway, a quick bio on our contest winner.

Arizona is a junior kindergarten student at NJ Macpherson School. Her favourite game, of course, is hide and seek.

She likes to play with her fishing rod and practice casting in the garage. She would like to be a doctor when she grows up and Fancy Nancy for Halloween.

To date, as far as fishing exploits, she has accomplished whitefish and pike, including the 20-pounder for her winning photo.

Very soon, she will be starring in a brand new fishing show with her daddy called Fish’n The Arctic, which will be appearing on the Northwestel community TV channel, also on Facebook and Instagram @FishntheArctic, so go check it out!

Anyway, we had a lot of fun stocking up on whitefish for the smoker. Not quite sure how Princess Arizona and family intended to prepare their catch but I’m making cheese logs.

A great day of fishing with you Arizona. All the best with your new show and your first year of school!

Mike Bryant

Mike W. Bryant is the managing editor for NNSL Media. He started working for Northern News Services as a general news reporter in 1999. He is the recipient of numerous national and provincial journalism...

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