Former Great Slave candidate Glen Abernethy has waded into the electoral district race and endorsed Katrina Nokleby to become the next representative.

Nokleby is in a two-way race with Patrick Scott.

Abernethy made a lengthy post on Sept. 23 noting Nokleby’s accomplishments and experience as an engineer.

“Although I like both of these individuals I am only able to vote for one of them,” Abernethy stated.  “Upon learning from them why they were putting their names forward I leaned strongly in favour of Katrina Nokleby. I feel that she is running in order to provide an effective voice for not only the residents of the Great Slave riding, but all residents of the Northwest Territories. She listens, learns and will work hard to bring your voice to the floor of the Assembly.”

Scott, who ran unsuccessfully against Abernethy in the 2011 election, said he saw the post Tuesday morning and was disappointed.

“I am disappointed,” he said, noting that it was his understanding from Abernethy was that he wouldn’t take sides either way.

“It doesn’t surprise me and he is entitled to his own opinion. I would say he has worked hard as an MLA but made some bad decisions along the way. I suspect this is another one of his poor decisions.”


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