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RCMP deal with four collisions in Yellowknife after mid-October dump of snow

An accident outside of the entrance to the multiplex on Kam Lake road was one of four after the early morning snow fall on Oct. 15. Submitted photo
A collision near the entrance to the Multiplex on Kam Lake Road was one of four after the early morning snow fall on Oct. 15.
Submitted photo

Slippery road conditions after Yellowknife's first substantial bout of snow this fall, slippery led to at least four collisions Tuesday, according to RCMP.

One of note between two vehicles took place at the intersection of Woolgar Avenue and Kam Lake Road, causing minor injuries. The RCMP says an investigation is ongoing.

Another was between a school bus and an SUV at the intersection of Finlayson Drive and Range Lake Road, close to NJ Macpherson school. The RCMP says no injuries were reported.

Yellowknifer observed Tuesday morning, that as of 8:30 a.m., there were no signs of gravel being applied at the Finlayson and Range Lake Road intersection across from St. Joseph School, nor at the intersection with Old Airport Road.

Gravel was observed in the westbound lane on Old Airport Road and at intersections on Franklin Avenue, as well as on 57 Street across from Sissons School.

City officials did not disclose how many accidents were reported to them, saying those stats will be released next month during city council's Governance and Priorities committee Meeting.

When asked when the city begins gravelling roads after a snowfall and how it moniytors weather in anticipation of snow, Yellowknifer was directed to the city's snow removal policy on its website.

The city's snow removal policy states gravel is placed in high traffic and school zones first and snow removal "is generally performed once in residential areas and twice in the downtown core."

According to City of Yellowknife communications officer Alison Harrower, the city's fleet for snow removal and gravel consists of three sanders with belly plows and three graders.

Two cm of snow fell in Yellowknife on Oct. 15, plus another 2 cm on Oct. 16, according to Environment Canada meteorologist Armel Castellan.

On average, Yellowknife sees 12 millilitres of rain and 21 centimetres of snow precipitate in October, making this year slightly drier than normal.

The RCMP asked to remind drivers that in winter driving conditions drivers should clear all snow from their cars and driveways before leaving, plan trips ahead of time, drive according to road condition, get winter tires, to buckle up and maintain your vehicle.