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Gahcho Kué mine ramping back up this weekend

Gahcho Kue Aerial_September 2016
"The last person diagnosed with Covid-19 during their employment at Gahcho Kué during this outbreak developed symptoms on Feb. 23," according to the Office of the Chief Public Health Officer. photo courtesy of De Beers

After an almost three-week suspension at Gahcho Kué, the mine is once again resuming operations. 

On Feb. 6, Gahcho Kué temporarily suspended activity after the company announced six presumptive cases of Covid-19 and a ensuing 47 contacts quarantining as a result.

Gahcho Kue
After an almost three week suspension, Gahcho Kué Mine will resume operations. Photo courtesy DeBeers Canada

In a news release Friday the company announced the ramp up to production will take place over the weekend.  

The company advised that the entire mine workforce has been changed out, in order to break any possible chain of Covid-19 transmission. The incoming essential services team have all tested negative for the virus.  

Gahcho Kué will now pre-screen all employees and contractors prior to their travel to the mine. 

The company is also expanding its rapid testing capacities. These measures are on top of the already employed daily health screenings, use of facial barriers and physical distancing, 

The site will also be bringing in two industrial hygienists to review and oversee work protocols and provide further recommendations for enhancing on-site measures.

Through the three week suspension, certain essential services have continued, including water and sewer treatment, road clearance, maintaining power, water management and receiving winter road fuel and cargo shipments.  

“The most important thing throughout this time is the health and safety of everyone at Gahcho Kué and the communities nearby,” Gahcho Kué Mine general manager Lyndon Clark said. 

The next step will be bringing in operational crews to build up to full production.