In a July 5 news release, Yellowknife Educational District No. 1 is announcing that Graham Arts will be the new principal at J.H Sissons School this coming school year.

Graham Arts will be the new principal at J.H. Sissons school. He brings over 20 years of educating and administrative experience with him.
Photo courtesy of Yk 1

Arts has worked in the education field since 1990 and has years of leadership experience to his name, most recently as Head of School of Vancouver’s Alexander Academy.

In a letter addressed to parents and residents, Arts says he has worked as a teacher and administrator in nearly every level of education his long career.

“I have taught at the elementary, middle, and secondary levels,” stated Arts. “Approximately half of my teaching assignments have been within French Immersion programs.”

Arts started his administrative work in 1999 and has held positions in elementary, middle and secondary levels and held district level positions. Arts says that what he enjoyed most was visiting the classrooms.

“As such, when the opportunity to return to working directly in schools presented itself, I was happy to make the move,” stated Arts.

Arts also says he has past experiences in dealing with major school construction projects similar to the current Sissons rebuild.

“My hope is to use these experiences to help throughout the various phases of our project to ensure we have a facility that meets the needs of students, staff and the extended community,” stated Arts.

He will be joining Jeff McConomy this fall, who recently accepted the job of assistant principal at the school.

Brett McGarry

Brett McGarry came to Yellowknife in early 2019 after graduating from Humber College with an advanced diploma in journalism. After covering city council and local business as a reporter, Brett is now an...