Tomorrow evening the sounds of a highly orchestrated, dramatic and interesting kind of jazz with strong components of funk, Latin and traditional swing will fill the NACC auditorium.

Photo by Moe Gardere. From left: Murray Low, Aaron Germain and John Krosnick make up the jazz trio Charged Particles.

That’s according to John Krosnick, the drummer for Charged Particles, a San Francisco Bay-based jazz trio which will be performing here along with Grammy-winning oboist Paul McCandless on Saturday evening.

“We in Charged Particles, the trio, feel especially privileged to be a part of the career of Paul McCandless because he is such a force in jazz,” said Krosnick.

McCandless is a classical oboist and nearly joined the New York Philharmonic Orchestra many years ago, but ended up having a wonderful jazz career instead, said Krosnick.

He plays a variety of other reed instruments including the bass clarinet, English horn and soprano sax, but it’s his oboe playing that sets him apart as the instrument is not often heard in the jazz world, said Krosnick.

“Because he had this extraordinary talent and he was kind of with the right guys at the right time, he was able to create a collaboration called Oregon, named after the state,” he said.

In a musical career spanning more than four decades and multiple genres, McCandless has performed on over 200 albums, won three Grammy Awards and been nominated for more.

Photo provided by Charged Particles. Grammy-winning jazz superstar Paul McCandless will be in Yellowknife for a performance this weekend.

The performance in Yellowknife will capture the essence of jazz, and will include compositions from McCandless’s impressive musical career, said Krosnick.

“A drama with high points and progressions and surprises and unexpected events and moments of fun and moments of beauty,” he said.

Parts of the performance will be highly orchestrated and complex, while other portions will be completely improvised.

“Where we’re just listening to each other and reacting,” said Krosnick.

The musicians will also be running educational workshops for students at Mildred Hall School this morning and Sir John Franklin High School this afternoon.

The band members live in California and spend most of their time touring around the Golden State with a busy schedule of around 150 performances a year, said Krosnick, so visiting Canada is a special treat for them.

“Canada has such an amazing, vibrant jazz scene, so many great jazz musicians have had illustrious careers,” he said.

“And there are so many great festivals that are destinations for Americans to come to that for us to be able to play in Yellowknife and elsewhere in Canada is a real privilege for us.”

The show starts at 7:30 p.m. at NACC. Tickets are $25 for seniors and youth and $40 for adults.

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Meaghan Richens is from Ottawa, Ont., and grew up in Perth. She moved to Yellowknife in May 2018 after completing her bachelor’s degree in journalism at Carleton University. She writes about politics,...

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