How does this work?

While digital editions are free, you may want to donate to a Northern Food Bank by buying an online newspaper. All proceeds from sales of our Digital Newspaper Editions (PDFs) will go to local organizations. Proceeds from Yellowknifer newspapers sales will go to the Salvation Army of Yellowknife, Inuvik Drum sales will go to the Inuvik Food Bank, Hay River Hub to Hay River Bank. News/North funds raised will be dispensed upon request to other NWT communities in need. Sales from Kivalliq News will go to a Kivalliq Food Bank and all sales from Nunavut News will go to a Iqaluit Food Bank.


Is this legit?

Jason Brinson, executive director Salvation Army of Yellowknife, has agreed to monitor the collection and distribution of funds. We are asking $1.30, more than the price of the newspaper to cover the charges by the payment processing company Stripe They charge 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. This is the same trusted company that has processed our subscriptions for years and it will not either keep or share your information.


Want to donate more? 

Readers have the option of donating more. That’s what the Set Price button in the order form below is for. All money collected will go to food support services minus the previously mentioned transaction fees. If you want to get a tax receipt go to the Salvation Army website. On their website you will be able to direct your donation to the NWT.


Be proud to help

If readers wish, we can share their name with the public, a listing on this page. Just put SHARE MY NAME (or your company’s name) in the ORDER DETAILS in the form you fill out with payment information. Otherwise, donations will be anonymous. We will share a complete accounting with the public as the fundraising efforts move forward. Any concerns, contact NNSL Media CEO Bruce Valpy –


Bruce Valpy

Bruce Valpy is former Publisher/CEO of NNSL Media. He can be reached at 1-867-445-2040

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