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Individual diagnosed with Covid-19 at Gahcho Kué site

A signal of a possible undetected case of Covid-19 has disappeared from wastewater in Hay River. Pixabay illustration

An individual has been confirmed to have the Covid-19 virus at the Gahcho Kué satellite winter road work camp, the Office of the Chief Public Health Officer announced on Wednesday.

A news release issued on Jan. 27 states that an employee of a company contracted by Gahcho Kué is isolating and doing well.

"The work camp has a pre-designated quarantine area separate from the accommodations facility," the release states.

"The diagnosis was discovered as a result of routine testing as per protocols of an outbound out-of-territory worker."

Dr. Kami Kandola, chief public healthofficer for the Northwest Territories stated that the individual is believed to have had the virus before entering the territory.

"The investigation finds that no one has left or arrived on-site during any possible infectious period," he added.

Contacts are also all currently isolating and the OCPHO is working with the company to get all staff on site tested for Covid-19.

Reverse Contact Tracing

Kandola stated that the incident reflects an example of “reverse contact tracing” which involves a safety-check to ensure the individual didn't get the virus while at the worksite.

No individuals at the camp have had contact with any NWT communities and as a result there is no risk to any communities in the territory, Kandola added.

"Risk of further transmission on-site is being further assessed through testing," she stated.