International travel agency executives converge on city

by - March 27, 2018

Travel agency owners from as far as Australia are in Yellowknife this week to experience the city’s tourism benefits. Some 160 members from the Ensemble Travel Group are taking part in the annual Ensemble executive retreat. Ensemble’s Australian senior vice president and general manager Trish Shepherd said when she was presented with the opportunity to…

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One response to “International travel agency executives converge on city”

  1. This article is extremely misleading. The Ensemble Executive Retreat that was held in Yellowknife was a gathering of Ensemble CANADIAN Travel Agency Owners, not Australia or the US as the article would lead you to believe. There were 2 attendees from Australia and 6 Supplier partners from the US. It is important to note that over 90% of the attendees are CANADIAN. The “Yellowknife member” mentioned is Susan Mercredi of Top of the World Travel. It is very disappointing that her name wasn’t even published, especially as she was instrumental in bringing this elite group to Yellowknife. As well as heavily involved the planning and ultimate success of this event. Also missed in the article are the quotes from our Co-President Mr Lindsay Pearlman (who is also Canadian). The importance of the Canadian market is minimized in this article. When in fact, it should be highlighted. The fact that all of these Canadian Travel Agency Owners are so impressed by the authenticity of their experience and now will go back promote and bring Canadian groups including Destination Weddings to Yellowknife as opposed to areas outside of Canada, is huge! I want to ensure that your readers understand the significance of this event to Yellowknife, the NWT and all of Canada. Thanks for listening! Cristie Newell, Sr Director Training & Development, for Ensemble Travel Group (The Event Planner for the Executive Retreat)