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Julie Green becomes new minister of Health in major cabinet shuffle


Yellowknife Centre MLA Julie Green was named minister of Health and Social Services, minister responsible for Persons with Disabilities and minister Responsible for Seniors on Sept. 4.

Diane Thom, formerly the health minister, is now minister of Infrastructure and minister responsible for the Northwest Territories Power Corporation. She retains her position as deputy premier.

The Infrastructure portfolio was briefly held by R.J. Simpson, who was given the role after the premier removed the Katrina Nokleby, MLA for Great Slave, from her cabinet duties on Aug. 19.

Diane Thom, left, the new minister of Infrastructure; Paulie Chinna, minister of Municipal and Community Affairs; Julie Green, MLA for Yellowknife Centre and newcomer to cabinet; Finance Minister Caroline Wawzonek; and Premier Caroline Cochrane gather in the Legislative Assembly Chamber on Tuesday following the swearing-in ceremony for Green, who joins the executive council after Great Slave MLA Katrina Nokleby, was removed from portfolios.
Blair McBride/NNSL photo

Premier Caroline Cochrane is the new minister responsible for the Covid-19 Coordinating Secretariat, following her announcement on Thursday of that agency's creation. She remains the minister of Executive and Indigenous Affairs.

R.J. Simpson is the new minister of Justice, and retains his role as minister of Education, Culture and Employment, as well as Government House Leader.

Caroline Wawzonek is the new minister of Industry, Tourism and Investment, which includes responsibility for the Business Development and Investment Corporation. Shane Thompson held that file after it was revoked from Nokleby.

Wawzonek is also the new minister responsible for the Status of Women. She retains her portfolio as Minister of Finance.

Shane Thompson is the new minister responsible for the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission. He keeps his roles as minister of Environment and Natural Resources and minister of Lands.

Paulie Chinna's new file is minister responsible for the Public Utilities Board. She remains responsible for the Northwest Territories Housing Corporation, minister responsible for Homelessness, minister of Municipal and Community Affairs and minister responsible for Youth.

The appointments will take effect at noon on Sept. 8.

“Following meetings and discussions with all cabinet ministers, I am pleased to unveil the new portfolio assignments today," said Cochrane. "The new assignments take advantage of the broad range of talent and experience on cabinet, and all ministers are looking forward to focusing their attention on the needs of NWT residents and the priorities of the 19th Legislative Assembly.”