The pugnacious developer behind Chateau Nova Yellowknife is finally cleaning up the lot in front of his hotel on 48 Street.

Mike Mrdjenovich has removed a significant amount of the junk that has been sitting on the lot, exposed to the elements, for many months.

The broken-down white van, scraps of wood, sea cans and fuel drums – some of which contained potentially hazardous substances – no longer litter the site.

Fuel drums labelled as containing polymethylene polyphenyl isocyanate, a chemical used to make polyurethane foam, and hydraulic oil that once sat on the lot in front of Chateau Nova Yellowknife, on 48 Street, have been removed. Sidney Cohen/NNSL photo.

Slobodan Bivlovic, a carpenter hired by Mrdjenovich to clean up the lot, answered some questions on site recently for Yellowknifer.

He said he had been tasked to move the bulk of the materials to another Mrdjenovich-owned lot by the Arnica Inn.

Bivlovic said the mesh and rods are supposed to be hauled to Edmonton.

It will take a lot of work to move all the materials.

“We need probably 40 or 50 loads,” he said.

Residents have been complaining recently about the messy lot at the entry to downtown from the airport.

Some called it an “eyesore” and at least one expressed concerns about how the fuel drums were stored. All wanted the site tidied up as soon as possible.

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