Letter to the editor submitted by reader Mike Vaydik.

Julie Green lets her deputy minister of health go on vacation as the Covid vaccine is being shipped to the NWT. Caroline Cochrane lets the head of the Covid secretariat, the costly government group of some 150 public servants hastily hired to fight Covid, go on vacation as Covid rates are increasing across Canada. Green now clams up when asked about this. Cochrane gives answers to questions from the media that even her children can’t believe. Remember, we are all her children now (based on September 2020 remarks in the Legislature).

Both these ministers ran on a platform of transparency and openness in government. Can it be only be 13 months since we elected them? Do they think we have forgotten or that we are just plain stupid?

As a final bit of irony and hypocrisy, Julie Green renewed the state of public health emergency on January 5. According to the release, this was necessary to “decisively respond to shifts” in the territory’s health situation and “maintain preventative measures” as the Covid-19 pandemic accelerates across Canada. One might think we would be more responsive if our team “leaders” were in Yellowknife rather than in Kelowna or St John’s.

Thank goodness we have a real leader in the NWT. Her name is Dr. Kami Kandola. She has steadfastly guided us through the pandemic. Has it all been popular and perfect? No. But she has immediately corrected any (minor) missteps along the way and gotten us firmly back on track. Those of us who have followed her advice have remained safe so far. That’s leadership.

Mike Vaydik,

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  1. “Some NWT businesses won’t survive prolonged border closures: Chamber”
    “Don’t judge officials who travelled outside NWT over holidays: Cochrane”
    “Pandemic ponderer: Folks right to be outraged at GNWT travel ”

    What a pathetic excuse of a ‘free’ country we have become. We deserve everything, yes everything coming our way…

  2. The border closure is horrendous. Instead of isolating for 14 days, people should have access to these 15min rapid testing machines which are now throughout the nwt. Where there was once a friendly visitor centre there is a checkpoint manned by a couple of guys in baseball caps and a checkpoint that belongs in Russia. It’s time to end the restrictions and move forward on taking measures to protect from people catching and spreading covid vs assuming anyone and everyone has it simply because they traveled. Other destinations have figured out how to let people in without the extra risk and if it is real leadership your looking for, follow the examples of places like Hawaii or Yyc where testing and not assumptions guide the application of public health measures.

  3. So I guess if I’m a government employee I can flout all the rules get deemed essential and don’t lose anytime at work and get to visit my people back home. What a shame and then they have the gall to say everyone else stay home miss seeing your love ones for the greater good. The ministers that travelled should lose their appointments !!!
    I for one no longer believe in their leadership and will now travell and do as i please also!!!!

  4. Disagree with part about Kandola being a leader. She has already reversed her view of stage 3 of the nwt plan. She is vague as ever when questioned but says trust her. The whole CPHO and GNWT are unreliable and will never gain my trust.