Monique Chapman, a member of the Ocean Bridge conservation program, organized an ice road clean up on April 6.

Lucero Hernandez and Xavier Archambault-Gauthier talking to Monique Chapman about the ice road cleanup. Brett Hawes/NNSL photo

The clean up was aimed at collecting trash from the Dettah ice road and surrounding shore lines.

The main trash collection efforts started at the Rotary Park ice road entrance, with some participants going as far as Dettah to collect.

Others participants started at the halfway point to Dettah and worked their way back.

“I’m happy if it’s even one coffee cup that doesn’t wash up on our shore,” Chapman explained.

“I have a degree in marine biology, so fish are close to my heart,” she added.

Chapman kicked off the event by providing everyone with safety vests, garbage bags, gloves and a safety talk about the ice road.

Approximately 20 people showed up to collect.

Zack White and Emily Bayha taking part in the ice road cleanup April 6. Brett Hawes/NNSL photo

One of them was Lucero Hernandez.

“I love to live in a clean environment, and here it’s very touristic, so it’s a good image for the tourists,” Said Hernandez.

Participants were met with free coffee and snacks donated by Javaroma and Co-op after the cleanup was complete at 3 p.m.

“I’m pretty impressed that people that I didn’t even know showed up,” said Chapman.

The ice road clean up was the first of many events Chapman will be organizing this year.

Her goal is to get youth involved in ocean and waterway conservation.

More information about the Ocean Bridge conservation program can be found on at

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