40 years ago

It was official.

The Yellowknife Dog Trotters Association would pay $655 annually for two lots in the Kam Lake industrial subdivision, according to a bylaw passed by council.

The Trotter’s lease was for five years. After that period they would have first option to buy that property.

The action came after many complaints from Yellowknifers concerned about the keeping of dogs near homes where they might escape and be a danger to people.

Some people were also opposed to keeping the teams on the hill above Peace River Flats because children could wander into the compound and be harmed. As well some were annoyed with the animals barking.

The Trotters had most of their dogs at the Kam Lake lots and intended to build permanent structures and fence the area that spring.

30 years ago

Nerco Con Mine had its biggest pour in 50 years on Feb.3 when it poured an estimated $3.2 million value in gold and silver.

“February was very profitable for us – a big month,” said Grant Horseman, then Nerco Con’s employee relations director.

The pour produced 5,892 troy ounces of gold and 1,180 troy ounces of silver. That constituted the bulk of the total production of the mine that month, for a total of 10,266 troy ounces of gold and 2.055 troy ounces of silver in February said Horseman.

The five men were present for the pour worked the 12 hour shift until all 11 bars were poured, those present were Doug Wilson, Paul Ollerhead, Bob Smithies, Jim Polson and Ted Rutherglen.

The five were rewarded with gift certificates valued at $100 for the Factors Club restaurant as a thank you for their efforts on a record breaking day.

In comparison, the average pour the previous year amounted to 6,800 ounces each month for both gold and silver. Less than the amount poured on that one particular day that year.

20 years ago

Five of 19 city stores in Yellowknife surveyed agreed to sell cigarettes to minors and were issued warnings to obey the law. A bylaw officer sent youths into the stores to purchase cigarettes. If the storekeeper agreed to sell the product, the teen claimed to not have enough money.

Bylaw officer’s next step was to give the teens enough money to buy the cigarettes and fine the merchants for actually selling cigarettes to minors.

10 years ago

Former Yellowknifer Kevin Koe had won his first major curling championship after his rink defeated Olympic medalist Kevin Martin 6-5 in the final for the 2009 Strauss Canada Cup.

After six years competing in the Cup with several battles against Silver medalist Kevin Martin, Koe was finally victorious in the 6-5 final.

His rink, which included third Blake Macdonald, second Carter Rycroft and lead Nolan Thiessen was among the 16 teams that were eligible for the 2009 Tim Horton’s Canadian Curling Trials which would determine Canada’s representatives for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

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