40 years ago

Sixteen of the city’s senior citizens would be getting a tax break on their property taxes.

The finance committee recommended that a formula stated in the Senior Citizens Land Tax Relief Ordinance be tabled at the 1979 operation and maintenance budget discussions.

Under the ordinance, council may, by bylaw exempt a senior citizen taxpayer up to 50 percent of their taxes. The territorial government would supply a matching grant the city could apply to the taxpayer’s tax liability.

The total cost to the city was estimated to be about $4,500.

“Mr. Doornbos would be in his glory,” said Ald. Bob Olexin, only to be told that Tom was not eligible for the relief because he was living in the Mary Murphy Home. Seniors had to be living in their own home on their own property to qualify for the tax break.


30 years ago

Ratepayers who voted in the civic election also approved three bylaws allowing the city to borrow money for capital projects.

A bylaw to allow the city to spend $1.9 million for a new firehall was passed with 908 votes to 268. The new firehall would be built at the intersection of Franklin Avenue and Taylor Road and would open late1989.

Also approved 945 to 237, was another bylaw which allowed the city to spend more than $1 million for street paving in Frame Lake South.

Another bylaw passed by a 989 to 194 margin, saw the city spend $300,000 on water and sewer upgrading in the city’s downtown.


20 years ago

Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs Jane Stewart, along with Minister of Natural Resources Ralph Goodale and Western Arctic MP Ethel Blondin-Andrew were in Yellowknife to attend the grand opening of BHP’s Ekati Mine at Lac de Gras.


10 years ago

The city had the cenotaph outside city hall revamped free of charge as part of that year’s municipal roadwork.

About 60 hours of labour and a slew of materials totalling about $7,000 were donated by Proform Concrete Services of Red Deer, Alta, to overhaul the monument honouring war veterans.

Proform Curtis Bouteiller said, “We do a lot of work for the city of Yellowknife and we look for a way to give back to communities we do work in,”

“Remembrance Day is very important to our company he added.”

the company had been doing the city’s concrete-related work such as sidewalks and gutters for about 15 years.

Director of public works Dennis Kefalas approached him about adding the cenotaph reconstruction onto the work the company was doing on 49 Avenue and the new civic plaza, but Bouteiller declined extra payment.

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