Mumps have been diagnosed in the NWT for the first time since 1995.
Two cases of the mumps have been confirmed by Health and Social Services. Two other cases are under investigation.
The first diagnosis was made 10 days ago. Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Andre Corriveau has confirmed the outbreak started during a hand-games tournament. Due to confidentiality he could not specify the location of the diagnosis.

Corriveau said anybody who participate in a hand-games tournament and is not up-to-date on their vaccines should seek diagnosis immediately.

Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Andre Corriveau is asking anyone who participated in handgames tournaments and is feeling intensifying flu-like symptoms to get vaccinated for the mumps.
photo courtesy : Damien Healy

“Mumps is an acute infectious disease caused by the mumps virus. It is spread via coughing, sneezing, kissing, sharing glasses or utensils, and touching a surface that has the virus on it. Mumps is suspected when there is swelling of one or more of the saliva glands,” stated a press release from the Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Andre Corriveau.
Dr. Corriveau said the best way to prevent the mumps is to keep up to date on vaccines. He also said if you believe you have contracted mumps, have your blood tested, and isolated yourself at home.
He adds, do not attend work, school, church, bingo, or any other public gatherings.

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