A new online petition demands Caroline Cochrane resign as premier of the Northwest Territories.

“We the people want Caroline Cochrane to RESIGN” was posted by Derek White on Change.org Friday afternoon. He wrote on the petition’s webpage that his motivation is that Cochrane “not capable of leading our territory” and “demonstrates on a regular basis that if you do not agree with her back door policies you will be out the door.

“Now in the midst of a global pandemic where the NWT has zero cases she wants to spend nearly 100 million dollars on a Covid task force where the majority of that money is being spent on government wages,” it reads, apparently referring to the new Covid-19 Coordinating Secretariat.

The online petition expresses dissatisfaction with Premier Cochrane and the new Covid-19 Coordinating Secretariat. Blair McBride/NNSL photo

The petition goes on to state that the Secretariat would be paid for through a sales tax, an idea that Finance Minister Caroline Wawzonek dismissed in a statement on Friday afternoon.

“We are stretched thin as it is in the midst of Covid with business and families barely getting by due to the high cost of living in the north, and huge economic downturn,” the petition said.

The petition garnered more than 150 signatures in the several hours after it went online. The goal is 200 signatures.

NNSL Media asked the premier’s office for comment Friday afternoon.

This story will be updated.

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  1. Part of the problem is with this style of government, we have little opportunity to keep the government in check. Once someone is appointed premier, they are literally given a passport to do what they want with or without consensus. This leads to little or no accountability and a territory lead by someone who has a personal agenda with unlimited power — a recipe for disaster. The NWT is in trouble and needs help…not much doubt about that.

  2. The petition had raised over 220 signatures before it unfortunately had to be cancelled… Thanks for your unprofessionalism NNSL! Way to keep the people in line and deter anyone else from trying to stand up for residents of the NWT.
    This is a small town, political views cause a lot of tension, youve only exacberated that and potentially caused a lot of unneeded issues in someones life.
    Hopefully this exposure, at the very least, makes our MLAs realize enough is enough, were fed up! its time to do your jobs, advocate for what residents want, WORK FOR US, thats what you were elected for, not to work against us!! and hold Caroline Cochrane accountable for her outrageous spending and ridiculous decisions!!
    Every financial expert and resident alike are scratching their heads wondering wtf the gnwt is doing! No other jurisdiction in this country, even those with covid cases, has needed an entire government department for covid 19. Theyve utilized the departments they already have that are meant to deal with this kind of thing!! … this government is spending money we dont have like its going out of style, for no justifiable reason… it doesnt take an accountant to see how irresponsible this is!! We have 40 000 residents and havent had a case since April. Spend the money where its needed, this isnt it! 47% of employed people in the north work for the government and havent faced lay offs or job scarcity, must be nice! What about the rest of us?!
    We dont have the luxury of cushy government salaries and benefits.
    Maybe this government should take a pay cut, try living off the average persons wages for a few months and see how that goes ….
    Cochrane is effectively destroying the north, killing local businesses and driving residents out.
    Whos going to pay for all this debt when theres no one left in the territory after shes made it far too extremely expensive to stay?! Were borderlining that already!!
    Do the right thing and resign so we can have some effective respresentation, actual transparency and accountablity, and financial responsibility!!!

  3. well maybe if the premiere wasn’t acting like a teenager with a credit card with no limit people would not want her to resign read the updates to the post before writing articles that don’t reflect the petition well.

  4. The government spends way too much money. there should be lots of cutbacks on politicians and the welfare system that’s two things that was never ever put in to help Canada. Taxpayers should not be paying for booze drugs like marijuana crack Crystal meth. taxpayers should not be paying for tobacco product, they should not be paying for peoples way to Bingo, they should not be paying to fix up apartments after people had their rent paid for by the Government. we just need somebody in there to do this so why don’t you people elect me.

  5. Oh crap whose steering up trouble to meet their own needs.
    Tough decisions have to be made. Live with it.
    I’m praying for Premier Caroline Cochrane leadership. Come on Elders walk with me. Let’s offer our tobacco to the Land. All my relations.

  6. Despite seeing no new cases in nearly six months, the N.W.T. is the only jurisdiction in Canada to create a dedicated department to manage the territory’s response.

    Wtf!!!! At least this government has succeeded in one thing…. giving the rest of the country a good laugh!!