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New souvenir shop opens at airport

Visitors to the city will have a new place to shop as the airport opened the city's latest souvenir shop this past weekend.

'The Cabin' will be the first thing that visitors to the cit will see as they arrive to town and walk into terminal one of the Yellowknife Airport, a location that Carine Pattin, the operator of the new store, says will make her business a great representative of the city.

“We're the first thing they see, so we're going to try to represent Yellowknife the best we can,” Pattin says.

Dylan Short/NNSL photo
Yellowknife's newest souvenir shop, The Cabin, opened at the airport this past weekend

The majority of items sold at the store are sourced from different businesses and artists across the capitol city, including The Woodyard and NWT Brewing co. and local artists as well as the cabin's own clothing line. Pattin says her and her husband, who operates the business alongside her, made a conscious decision to keep as much of the store local as possible.

When asked, why they decided to settle on the name and theme of 'the cabin' that boasts both an interior and an exterior that is designed to look like a log dwelling, Pattin said, that it was all part of the local persona and was a perfect fit for the city.

“Whenever you ask somebody what they're doing this weekend or this evening it's going to the cabin, fishing at the cabin, selling the cabin, fixing the roof on the cabin,” Pattin said. “Everyone has a cabin but me.”

The store will be open to both visitors and residents alike from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day of the week.